Mind/Body Literature

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Poststroke Balance Improves With Yoga:

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Art Can Do Incredible Things for Your Mind and Body

by Gabe Bergado.

The Seven Pyschological Functions of Art
by Maria Popova

Enriching Books & Podcasts

On Being.
(academic / spiritual)

Radio lab
(Science made sexy)

Compassionate Cook
(vegan lifestyle)

Stillness Speaks
by Eckhart Tolle

On Death and Dying
by Elizabeth Kubler Ross

That Used to Be Us
by Thomas L. Friedman & Michael Mandelbaum

Medical Caregiving and Identity in Pennsylvania's Anthracite Region, 1880-2000
by Dr. Karol Weaver

Inspired People & Happenings

National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Johns Hopkins 2010 Institute
for Spirituality & Medicine, Inc.

Dr. Robert Sapolsky

Tina Turner
The Beyond Project 2011

Using Art to Make Better Doctors
Boston Globe

Music Enhances Learning
Johns Hopkins School of Education

On The Same Wavelength
by Maryam Zaringhalm with artist Marina Abramovic

The Atlantic
Secrets of the Creative Brain
by Dr. Nancy Andreasen

Your Brain on Improv
By Dr. Charles Limb

Iva Frattorina
The Power of Art to Heal Video from The Aspen Ideas Festival