“The Power of Intention in Art and Medicine”
Audience: Medical Students/ Faculty

This engaging 30 minute
multimedia show takes viewers on a journey of through becoming a medical illustrator, a profession that seeks to visualize every visible and invisible aspect of our bodies and their functions, to becoming --an artist. As such, we depart from the medical record and clinical facts as we dare to explore the function of the soul. We see how the power of intention shapes a piece of (art)work and more broadly— our interactions with each other. It is an uplifting message that will inspire your audience to find new ways of expressing compassion towards themselves and others.

Workshop: “Art Assemblage” 
Audience: All

This hands on, 3 day workshop will explain the art form of assemblage and lead participants through creating one of their own. Here, our emphasis is on message rather than craftsmanship.  We’ll examine how thought can be conveyed visually. We’ll discuss individual “intentions" so participants get to each other on a deeper level as they create and present their work.  This workshop is suitable for everyone— from people who don’t think of themselves as creative to hobby artists.

“Envision Your Future” 
Audience: High School Students

This “fun and gross”
presentation is designed to inspire high school students to explore careers they may not have considered. Students will see the artist’s early work, have the chance to ask questions, and learn the value of reaching out to a mentor. There is an emphasis on personal responsibility and self reflection. 

“To Teach and Persuade”
Audience: General/ Legal

This informative
multimedia show introduces the term medical demonstrative evidence. Viewers will learn how it is created through source material like medical records and depositions; how it is used in a court of law; and it’s limitations.  The audience will see examples of actual medical-legal and personal injury cases. 

“Forget Comfort: Personal Innovations”
Audience: General/ Business

This engaging 45 minute
multimedia show takes viewers on a journey of attaining a professional goal — and then following curiosity to places that seem unrelated. These sidesteps inform new ways of thinking and benefit the creative process. We explore failures and discovery, not only through the artist’s work, but through her relationships with other innovators and happy people.