Artist's Statement

As a medical illustrator and information designer my job is to accurately depict anatomy, medical procedures, and render textures that distinguish healthy tissue from diseased tissue. The exhibits are designed to educate a specific audience quickly. On the first day of 2002, I incorporated a medical exhibit-making business to help accident victims tell their stories in a court of law. My clients are their attorneys and the audience is a jury. In order to accurately show a victim’s medical condition, I read their client’s medical histories, view their diagnostic films and scrutinize surgical notes, etc. Select works were recently shown to the public at SECCA during the People’s Biennial. Such exhibits are all very clinical. Details have to be objective because “prejudicial” medical demonstrative evidence will not be admitted in a court of law. Here is where my medical illustration ends and my fine art begins.
SUBTEXT. In 2009 I began repurposing patients’ anonomyzed x-rays as works on paper. Each piece in the “X-Ray Visions” series hints at an original legal matter and medical condition while exploring an opportunity for healing, hope, and acceptance. At it’s heart, the work is is really designed to create a conversation about the spirituality of healing. The inspiration section of my website sites scientific papers about non-traditional approaches to healing. We’ve forgotten pills aren’t necessary to treat every condition. Sound, color, touch, wholesome food, movement, prayer, meditation are also paths to health.
In 2013 I created a way to show these works as they should be seen- I had been experimenting with glass and commercially available lightboxes but the results lacked true craftsmanship. So, I designed these stands and dove into the world of woodworking and electronics to create these one-of-a-kind “Electroluminescent Xray Sculptures TM”. The intention is to create a sort of mini-alter for the home.